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6 Best Places To Have Coffee


Coffee lover or not, there is something about sipping a delicious brew to start or perk up your day. If you are traveling and looking for a delightful pick-me-up or just want to enjoy a good cup of coffee that you love, here are six of the best places in the world to have coffee. From the city itself to the brews and the coffee shops that serve them, these are places that you would not want to miss out on the coffee experience.

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Addis Ababa
Ethiopian coffee has long been regarded as among the best coffees in the world. The country has a strong coffee culture. If you are visiting Addis Ababa, set aside more than an hour to experience and savor the city’s traditional coffee ceremony. Your trip will not be complete without having a cup of coffee that was roasted, grinded, and brewed in front of you.

Auckland, New Zealand
Australia and New Zealand are famous for their flat whites. Auckland is one of the best places to have a cup of the popular coffee. There are many coffee shops in the city that serve not just the famous flat whites but also a wide array of specialty coffee drinks.

Buenos Aires, Argentina
Café Tortoni Buenos Aires
Buenos Aires is known for its café con leche, which is coffee with a milky consistency, and lagrima or hot frothy milk with a small dose of coffee. It is also home to an old coffee shop that dates back to the late 1850s.

Istanbul, Turkey
Turkish coffee Grand Bazaar
Istanbul is a great place to enjoy traditional Turkish coffee and savor brews made from the dark and rich coffee beans the city is known for. For the best brews and then some, head out to Çorlulu Ali Paşa, Ethem Tezçakar Kahveci at the Grand Bazaar, İstiklal Street, Konak Cafe for the coffee and the view, and Osmanli Kahvehanesi in Çamlica Hill among other top coffee destinations in the city.

Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne is known not just for its flat whites but also for its rich coffee culture. There is no dearth of coffee shops to choose from when in the city. Order a cup of latte and be pleasantly surprised by the intricate art that comes with it.

Rome, Italy
The city known for serving mouthwatering pastas, pizzas, and pastries is also home to some great quality coffee. Rome is teeming with coffee shops or caffès where you can order a cup of espresso and other delicious brews.

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