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The Safety That Welding Helmets Bring


Just as helmets are required for cyclists when they travel, welding helmets should also be worn by welders while they do their jobs. The two different helmets have one purpose, and that’s to bring safety.



Welding helms now have various types and designs just like the typical helmet we know. If the traveling helmets can either be full-face or half-face, then a welding helm can be battery-operated or solar-powered. They can also have a variable shade or a fixed shade. By far, the most innovative and convenient to use is a welding helmet that offers an auto-darkening feature. This type of helmet allows welders to perform various welding jobs without switching from one headgear to another.


Welding helms can offer the following benefits to welders:

Protect head from injury

Like other headgears, a welding helm can safeguard the head from injuries in case a welder slips or bumps into a metal.

Keep face safe

A welding helmet can protect the face from radiation such as ultraviolet or UV and infrared or IR. Wearing a helm can ensure that your face, especially your eyes, won’t be exposed to radiation.

Keep neck safe

Welding helmets can also keep the neck and face safe from the sparks, flash burn, and sparks that welding jobs can emit.

Prevent arc eye

Arc eye is a condition wherein the cornea of the eyes become swollen due to overexposure to ultraviolet radiation.

Prevent vision loss

Whether temporary or permanent, a welding helmet can prevent you from losing your sense of sight. Remember that overexposing your retina to flashes and radiation can harm it, which only proves that you need to wear a welding helm to keep your eyes in excellent condition.

Benefits of Auto-Darkening Helmets

In addition to the upsides stated above, auto-darkening helmets also offer these perks:


viking-welding-helmThese helms have sensors that darken the filters on their own once they detect the arc. The sensors are in charge of adjusting the shade color of the lens based on the material being welded and how bright the arc is.

They erase the need to lift the helm up when you need to examine what you’re working on then nod down to lower the helmet over your face again to start working. Because the lens can be automatically adjusted, you can save more time and be more productive as a welding


They are also more efficient at protecting you from all types of radiation as their lenses are coated with IR- and UV- resistant materials.